We'll periodically publish "excerpts" from Chiara Lubich's archive
  offering the possibility to be in contact with this extraordinary woman even today.


Love Makes Us Alike

Rome, 25 April 1976

How can we love Mary? By imitating her, by being the living Word of God just like her.

“Now and again I feel, like a reproach, that I don’t love Mary enough, that I think very little of her. What do you think should we do so as to have true devotion to Mary?”

Just the thought of speaking about Mary makes my soul tremble and my heart beat. This very topic surpasses our every intellect and instead of speaking it’s better to remain silent.


Looking at nature as God’s creation

Loppiano, 27 November 1975

In a confidential tone, Chiara shares the graces of light she had while contemplating nature

« I have a special love for nature and I have often asked myself how my relationship with nature should be so that it is not a sentimental one but a relationship as God wants it to be. Can you tell us something about your relationship with nature? »

Chiara: Right Markus, well then, let's talk as if there were just the two of us so that no one can hear us.
In my spiritual life, in various moments, the Lord enabled me to feel this aspect of life more powerfully, this contact with nature.
But it was a rather special meeting with nature, and I could relate several episodes.


How We can Grow in Our Union with God

Seoul, 2 January 1982

To completely fulfill our humanity, Chiara indicates to us two ways which are at the basis of every growth

"Chiara, I feel that when I pray, when I meditate, when I love others, I don’t manage to do so in a very profound way as I should. What can I do to acquire a truly deep union with God?"

So, you practically would like to know how to acquire a true union with God. Look, there is a double road; I have found two ways to reach this result. The first is embracing the cross and the cross goes downwards.
The more a plant goes downwards with its roots the more it grows taller; the more we embrace suffering the more we go towards God


Choosing God in the way of unity

Mollens (Switzerland), 11 August 1987

Two women, two charisms, but only one root: the choice of God.

So you would like a concluding speech, something that we always do on the feast of St. Clare. …

When we were young like you, like the majority of you, we were always greatly struck by a phrase that Saint Clare told St. Francis when the latter practically drew her to follow his way.


Forgive your neighbour the wrong done to you ...

Rome ("Città Nuova"), 25 july 2002

Commentary of the Word of Life:

Forgive your neighbour the wrong done to you; then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven (Ecclus. 28:2).

 This Word of Life is taken from one of the so-called deuterocanonical or apocryphal books of the Bible. It was written between 180 and 170 BC, by Jesus Ben Sirach, who was a wise man and a scribe, teaching in Jerusalem. What he taught followed a theme dear to the whole of the Wisdom literature in the Old Testament: God is merciful to sinners and we should imitate his way of behaving. The Lord forgives all our guilt because he ‘is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love’ (Ps 103:8)