We'll periodically publish "excerpts" from Chiara Lubich's archive
  offering the possibility to be in contact with this extraordinary woman even today.


How to Be Nothing

Rimini, 23 September 1997

This year I’ve experienced the fruits of the Eucharist and I’ve lived with deeper awareness this great possibility that Jesus offers to us.
How can I become that nothing which He can fill in order to transform me into himself?

Chiara: You feel a great attraction towards the Eucharist. … You understand, however, that Jesus in the Eucharist could bring much fruits, even your own transformation, if you were nothing. You’re asking: “How can we be nothing?”
It’s really very easy, because we are nothing!


Only You Exist. This is the Only Truth

Rome. (written before 1963)

Living everything “within”, living and dying, makes sense…

Those who love You sincerely, Lord, often feel Your presence in the silence of their room or in the depths of their heart, and this sensation moves them to the very core of their being.

They thank You for being so near to them – indeed, for being everything to them: for being the One who gives meaning to their living and their dying.


For with you is the fountain of life

Rome (Città Nuova), 25 December 2001

Commentary of the Word of Life:

For with you is the fountain of life. (Psalm 36:9)

... This Word of Scripture tells us something so important and vital that it can be an instrument of reconciliation and communion.
First of all it tells us that there is only one source of life, God. It is from God, from his creative love, that the universe is born and he makes it the home of humankind.
It is God who gives us life with all its gifts. The Psalmist knows the harshness and dryness of the desert and what it means to have a spring of water with all the life that flourishes around it. He could find no better image to sing of creation that springs like a river from the heart of God.