7 Dec 2019

“Give yourself completely to me” – 7 December 1943

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Today the Centenary Year of the birth of Chiara Lubich is being officially inaugurated. It will be celebrated wherever there are people who have made their own her “Ideal” – as she used to say –, the Ideal of unity and universal brotherhood. “Celebrate to meet” is the motto inspiring the most varied events that will take place in 2020. “Celebrate” because Chiara Lubich will be remembered, but in order

6 Dec 2019

Rewriting Chiara’s story

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From a talk given at a press conference on 18th November by Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Sant’Egidio Community and personal friend of Chiara’s. A few days before the official opening of Chiara Lubich’s centenary on 7th December, we share part of a speech given at a press conference on 18 November by Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Community of Sant’Egidio. As a personal friend of Chiara’s with whom he

2 Dec 2019

A new biography of Chiara Lubich

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Published by Città Nuova and entitled ” History and prophecy: Chiara Lubich’s way to unity”, this book will be presented in preview on November 30 in the Auditorium of the Gemelli Clinic, Rome. At the moment, it is available in Italian only. The author, Maurizio Gentilini who is an Italian historian, has chosen the title “History and prophecy: Chiara Lubich’s way to unity” for his work. This is the latest

2 Dec 2019

2020: it will be the year of Chiara

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With the motto “Celebrate to meet”, the opening, next December 7th of Chiara Lubich’s centenary was announced to the press. The launching in Trento will inaugurate the international exhibition “Chiara Lubich world city”. “Chiara is alive. She is alive in the spirit that she has given us, in the Movement that she founded and in the innumerable number of her followers, scattered throughout the world”. It is with these words

14 Nov 2019

Book launch in Rome: “Conversations Via Telephone Linkup”, by Chiara Lubich

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In the 1980s, when the Internet did not yet exist and even less so the social media, which appeared twenty years later, an idea was successfully put to the test in Switzerland to simultaneously link up, through a collective conference telephone, various points of the Focolare communities across five continents. This event was straightaway referred to as Collegamento CH (the country code for Switzerland). Chiara Lubich nurtured in her heart

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