The Chiara Lubich Center was born during the General Assembly of the Focolare Movement, held in July 2008, shortly after Chiara Lubich’s death.

It was established to keep the memory of Chiara Lubich alive . It wishes to collaborate with all expressions of the Focolare Movement and other entities, in order to deepen her thought and make it widely known. It aims to conserve and make her rich patrimony, available in document and multimedia format, accessible to both scholars and the public.

The Center also takes care of cataloging and preserving all objects that witness the recognitions she received or which had particular meaning during the course of her life.

The Centre plans the following in order to reach its goals:

  • Create a multimedia archive and guarantee the long-term preservation of the original writings, letters, photos, video or audio-taped material, other objects, data and documents concerning the life of Chiara Lubich.

  • Form a specialized library with books by Chiara Lubich, including translated versions, stocked with historical and theological works and others that bring to light, in the historical context in which Chiara Lubich lived, her specific spiritual, cultural, and theological contribution.

  • To oversee the editing of writings by Chiara Lubich and the publication of biographies and other texts that somehow regard her person.

  • To oversee the production of multimedia works with her thoughts and/or talks or documentation on her figure and her works, through the publishing house of the Focolare Movement, but also together with other entities and publishing houses.

  • Gather witnesses from those individuals who have known Chiara Lubich and from those who have contributed to the development of the Focolare Movement.

  • Gather texts of degrees, articles and every type of work in which one can find contributions from Chiara Lubich’s thought.

  • Furnish support to scholars who wish to deepen the thought of Chiara Lubich in whichever field.

  • Hold cultural events with the aim of spreading and deepening people’s knowledge of Chiara Lubich and her thought.

  • Promote research doctorates that have as their central focus themes that regard Chiara Lubich, her life and her thought.

  • Sponsor meetings, symposiums, conferences, at national and international levels, on the life and thought of Chiara Lubich

Economic Support

Note for sending contributions

We thank all who in some way have contributed up till now to support the Center. The current bank account to which you can send eventual contributions is:

  • P.A.F.O.M.
    Coordinate bancarie:
    IBAN IT27 R033 5901 6001 0000 0113327