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“Allow God to take you where He wants”

Catelgandolfo,   February 10, 2002

This is an answer Chiara Lubich gave to Cristina, a young woman from the Castelli Romani during a meeting with the local community on 10th February 2002.  She spoke to Chiara being ready to take up the baton with all its consequences.  Chiara said: “In creating you God had a design for your life. Live the will of God in the present moment and you’ll see! You cannot live without being in love, yes, in love with a God who has looked upon you.” Later Chiara mentioned the motto that can help everyone: start again, always, until you reach the goal.

Cristina: I remembered some things that the Pope and you, Chiara, said to us young people during the World Youth Day: “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire”. I realize that great people in history, like you and the Pope, count entirely on us young people. 
I wanted to ask you: how can we measure up to this legacy that you both leave us? In other words, what choices should we make in order to measure up to this legacy? Must we give our life for these great ideals?

Chiara: Certainly. It’s very beautiful to hear that,at root, what you are asking for is not little things, but that everyone wants to give the most; young people in particular want to give the most. They are also fortunate, compared to older people, because they don’t have a past behind them which influences them, like the many disappointments that older people like us have felt, and which might have hurt them. Instead young people are free and so they are free to embrace the greatest ideals. They say that the Holy Father asks them to give the most, that we too ask young people, and adults too, we ask everyone, even little children, to give the most, because we have only one life.

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Mary, Queen of the World

15-30 August 1959

In the early years of Città Nuova [Italian New City] magazine (which had started up so as to link all those who had been it the recent Mariapolises in the Dolomites, and before the Mariapolises spread throughout the world) there was atmosphere of freshness, newness and revolutionary fervour, given the mentality of the time. It was the Gospel in action.  This editorial article, signed by Chiara, thus became a manifesto of social doctrine. It is dated 30th August 1959 (the Feast of the Queenship of Mary was on 22nd) and Chiara invites all peoples to love one another to reach unity, going beyond their own frontiers... eradicating war. She speaks of a presence, a hidden bond, living within each nation. It is Mary, Queen of Peoples.

If one day all people, not as individuals but as peoples; if all peopleslearned how to set themselves aside, the idea they have of their homeland and their kingdoms, and offer these as incense to the Lord, the King of a kingdom which is not of this world, the Captain of armies, the Guide of history; and if they were to do this for the sake of mutual love among countries that God is asking for, just as he asks for mutual love among brothers and sisters, that day will be the beginning of a new era.On that day, in the same way as there is the living presence of Jesus between two people who love each other in Christ, so tooJesus will be alive and present among peoples, being given his rightful place as the only King, not only of hearts but of nations: He will be Christ the King.

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Abdicating ourselves completely

Randogne (Switzerland), 11 August 1982

For many years during the summer, and often in Switzerland, there was a traditional celebration on Chiara Lubich’s name day. On one occasion, after having asked Bishop Acacio to speak, Chiara’s gave a final greeting at the end as a thought for people to take with them. She invites everyone to learn from St Clare of Assisi how to abdicate ourselves completely and let Christ live in us.

Chiara Lubich after the Mass on the Feast Day of St. Clare:

... Today is the feast of St. Clare of Assisi. So this morning I read the Bull of Canonization of this great, very great saint of our Church. This Bull should be read because it’s wonderful! I don’t know how many times the word “clarity” was said, “light”, “clarity”, “brilliance”, “lamp”. All this means light, very bright light. But today it was not this aspect that impressed me, as it had on other occasions when I read the Bull of Canonization of St. Clare. Rather it was one word that was written there, that Clare of Assisi had abdicated, she had abdicated herself completely, denying herself, precisely because of her vocation to poverty, so as to let Christ live in her.

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The Waxing Moon

Sierre, August 22, 1996

Chiara speaks to all the members of “her people”, born from the Gospel, about the challenge of living it. She acts like a mirror in which each one can see themselves: “Have we followed Jesus? That is not enough”. She invites everyone to enter into His way, the way of love, a love which is dynamic, continually growing, that improves always in four characteristic ways (see the Word of Life for August). And she quotes some words on love taken from 365 Thoughts on Love which reinforce her invitation to ”be like the waxing moon”.

… I think that all of you who are listening to this thought are living, more or less, the reality of “You, Lord, are my only good”, addressed to Jesus crucified and forsaken, adding “with Mary Desolate”.

This is the basis of our spiritual life, so as to continue on profitably with our daily holy journey. In some way, it makes us worthy to follow Jesus. In fact, He wants us to love the cross (“take up their cross”) [Mt. 10:38] and to be detached from everything (“deny themselves”) “Whoever wishes to come after Me...” [Mt. 16:24]. We know what He is asking.

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Jesus at "Expo" '58"

April 20, 1958

Looking through the issues of Citta’ Nuova magazine, the periodical founded by Chiara Lubich in 1956, right from the very first issue you discover a treasure chest of her writings and spiritual thoughts.

There you can truly experience the atmosphere of the day, rapidly conveying facts and news at first hand from the countries in which the Movement was putting down roots.

This is what we see in the editorial signed by Chiara (shown by three asterisks) of 20th April 1958 with the headline “Jesus at Expo '58"

Writing in an incisive and effective way, the author outlines the impressions she had on visiting the Expo in Brussels in the Spring of that year.

She starts by describing the Atomium, the symbol of the atom which “towers over almost all of Brussels and can be seen from many parts of the city. It sets the tone for the Expo, which displays the discoveries and the products of the atomic age”. Chiara had gone to Belgium for Easter Week. At the time the Movement was just starting to spread beyond the Alps, into the heart of Europe.

It is clear, then, why this event made such an impression on her.

On April 17th the International Exhibition in Brussels was opened. We visited it a few days ago when the pavilions were still under construction and the participating nations had not yet put in place the products of their country nor the discoveries of their scholarship.

However, we could already have an idea, even from the outside, of what is now being offered on display to the general public from all over the world. It’s something truly impressive.

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What must come first

Castelgandolfo, April 29, 1999

On the 29th April 1999, during the global appointment with her ‘family’ spread throughout the world, Chiara gave her most recent experience of her relationship with God, in prayer.

The “for You” said to God before each action is demanding, calling for mutual love, first of all, to reach unity, so as always to be able to give Jesus to the world, following in Mary’s footsteps, imitating her, being made into her people.

This year we are giving special attention to deepening our relationship with God, and our prayer.

It is our duty to live this every day and I too, of course, am doing the same.

One day I had proposed, like others I hope, to “pray always”, as Jesus says and wants, by offering every action to him, preceding it with the words “for you”. Through the grace of God, I had been especially faithful to this commitment. So at the end of the day, in speaking with God, I asked him if he was pleased with me, or if he wasn’t, to correct me.

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The Pact

July 1949

Chiara Lubich tells of the special pact of unity made with Igino Giordani (whom she called ‘Foco’) on the 16th of July 1949, the prelude to her mystical experience that summer. 

19. We were living these experiences when Foco arrived in the mountains.

20. Foco, who loved Saint Catherine, had always searched in his life for a virgin he could follow. And now he had the impression that he had found her among us. So one day he proposed to make a vow of obedience to me thinking that by doing so, he would be obeying God. He also added that in this way, we could become saints, like Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal.

21. In that moment, I didn’t understand the reason for the vow of obedience or this unity between two people. At that time the Work of Mary didn't exist and we didn’t speak of vows. Moreover, I didn't share the idea of unity between two people because I felt called to live “May all be one” (Jn 17:21).

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“Have Faith, I have Conquered the World”

Rome, April 30, 1960

When the world with its superficiality takes our breath away, and life with its burdens and trials prevail, we feel like giving up.
In this moment our hope is born in the One whom “we can hope against all hope”

We do not have to look far to find remedies or solutions for the fumes that infect the air we breathe.
The gospel is eternal well-being. Also today, those who live for the gospel and act in its name, though they may die and disappear — perhaps ignored by all — live.
Because they have loved and forgiven and defended and because they have never given up, they are winners and as such are welcomed into eternal glory.

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Unity with our brothers and sisters to as to reach unity with God

Rimini, May 1, 2000

Union with God: a very modern challenge! 
Chiara Lubich spoke about this at the World Congress of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, in Rimini, on 1st May 2000. 
The Holy Spirit clearly indicated the path that is characteristic of the charism of unity: our neighbour, who is “almost a sacrament”. 
By loving our brothers and sisters all day long, we find God, and by loving God we find our brothers and sisters. 
We can be helped by Mary, the Mother who is all love...


In the charism, given to us by the Holy Spirit, the word that sums up the whole of the spirituality is “unity”, unity with God and unity with our sisters and brothers; and especially, as our characteristic path, unity with our brothers and sisters so as to reach unity with God.  The Holy Spirit, in fact, gave us a way to unite ourselves with God that is fully according to the gospel.  We seek him and find him through our neighbour, by loving our neighbour.  This is the only thing that guarantees our union with God; only in this way can we discover him alive and present in our heart when we recollect ourselves with him. And this is an experience we all have, even the children, and from the start. We love ourneighbours one at a time, during the day, we try to be one with them and in the evening we find union with God in our hearts.

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Casting all our anxieties on the Father

Mollens, March 26,  1987

In her regular monthly conference calls with the Movement worldwide, Chiara outlined in an ever new and attractive way “the point” on which “our path to holiness” is based: faith in God’s love, in the love of God who is our Father and who wants us to be happy.  Here, she describes various sentiments and concerns that can diminish our childlike trust in the Father. 

“I hope that in the past two weeks we have all made an effort to put God's will into practice, even in very difficult situations. So I hope there have been some generous and magnanimous acts to offer God.

As you well know, living the virtues any old way is not enough to reach holiness; they have to be practised in a sublime, heroic way.

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In the bosom of the Father

Rocca di Papa, October 20, 1976

Chiara spoke to those responsible for the Movement in the world and explained the immense reality and mystery of the Eucharist, defining the Movement as the fruit of “an affair between me and Jesus in the Eucharist”.

“The Eucharist doesn't just produce effects that are beautiful and good, effects of sanctity and love; nor is its primary purpose that of increasing our unity with God and with one another (as we have understood unity up until now), and so of serving to nurture the presence of Jesus in the midst.  Yes, this is true too.  But the task of the Eucharist is something else.

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