Castel Gandolfo, 5 December 2001

(From a conversation of Chiara Lubich to the women focolarine)

Here we offer proof of Chiara’s love for Wisdom (Sophia): with passion she quotes the words of Fr. Raimondo Spiazzi, a well-known theologian, that witness the uniqueness and preciousness of the sapiential penetration of reality. 

We quote the following section from a book of 1964 that we liked very much. It was written by the theologian Father Raimondo Spiazzi: “The gift of wisdom puts the soul in contact with eternal realities. ... It scrutinizes the depths of God and discerns his radiant beauty. The soul beholds that which it cannot repeat, and without ever being quenched it drinks from this exhaustible source with an ever-growing desire, as a deer longs for streams of water.

“But, having discovered and almost tasted God, with this light in its eyes, the soul is able to look at the world and to see it clearly ... judging everything from a divine viewpoint, almost projecting over everything the light of God’s infinite gaze.

“In the mind of a wise Christian there is, as it were, a reconstruction of the ideal order that exists in the mind of God. The unfolding of eras and ages, the interwoven course of events, the flow of things, the historical process, the development of its own life all are seen from the perspective of their dependence-convergence relationship to a divine plan . . . having the same mental synthesis as God who sees each thing in the Word, who loves each thing in the Spirit, and who knows all by loving, and loves all in the very act of his infinite contemplation.” 

(published in A New Way, New City Press, New York 2006, p. 149.)




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