Marino (Ice Arena), May 10, 1997

I’m Elisa from the United States.
“People in my neighbourhood tend to stay closed in themselves and in their own little world. They never stop to speak with others and they live in great loneliness and individualism. Our parents tell us that it wasn’t like this when they were young. What can we young people do in our neighbourhoods and all over the world, so that people can really be united?”

Chiara: I think you should bring ahead that revolution of love you have already begun and which you are expressing here through your words, your dances and your experiences.
Of course, this revolution involves a special kind of love; a love that has particular qualities. For example, you need to love everyone. So it shouldn't matter whether that person is ugly, beautiful, fair-skinned, dark-skinned, old or young. You've got to love everyone, all those around you, at home, at school, everyone, everyone, everyone.
Then, this love has another quality: you must be the first to love. Don't wait for others to love you, but take the first step; even if they don't love you, even if they hate you, you've got to love always, love always: this love is truly powerful.
lf you do this..., if you do this, many people will be surprised and they will say, "What a strange boy! He's rather unusual. Why does he love always? Why does he love everyone? Why does he take the initiative in loving?” They will want to know more; they will ask you why you act in this way and you will tell them why. Then they will follow you. In this way the revolution of love will spread more and more, more and more, more and more. ( ... )


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