Castel Gandolfo, 18 June 1988

This was a question a little girl asked Chiara during a congress. Chiara shares her ‘secret’ and the fruit of suffering that has been loved.

(…) “How do you spend your day, in sadness or in joy? In particular, what do you do when you are not happy?

Chiara: She asks me what I do when I am not happy. This is very important. … You need to learn it by heart. …

When we are not happy, we must go deep down into our hearts and say to Jesus, "Listen Jesus, I feel a suffering, but you felt suffering too. I am happy to be like you and I offer you this suffering." And then we must start to love the others right away, and the suffering will go away. Jesus takes it away. It is as if he puts it in a parcel and takes our suffering away.


This slide shows a little boy who is sad, I think. But he offered up his suffering. He went deep inside and said to Jesus, "Jesus I feel a suffering, but you suffered too, and so I am happy to give you this suffering."   


And there, Jesus takes away the sufferings because the little boy is loving and no longer feels the suffering. 



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