Loppiano, 6 May 1995 

An answer to the inhabitants of the little town of Loppiano. It is God’s dream that Chiara Lubich sees taking place...

What will the united world be like, really, according to the plans of God?

Chiara: ... You see, everyone is going towards the recapitulation that Christ will bring about of all people, of all things. The united world is not a imaginary thing that we in the Focolare came up with; it’s Christian imagination, it’s a Christian thing. So we are going towards the united world. Whether world events bring it nearer or not, we are going towards a united world. We don’t know whether it will happen sooner or later, but we are going in this direction.

How do I envisage it? I envisage that all peoples will remain, of course, all the cultures, traditions and languages. In this unity of the world, many peoples will mingle with other peoples. 

For example, there are immigrants in Italy; in future a culture will emerge that is richer, it will be our culture together with another, perhaps a Muslim culture, I don’t know. In other areas, like in North America, all ethnicities are present... and also different cultures, something like that. But these individual peoples will be distinct too and they will love one another. Their love will promote an exchange of cultures; each will learn from the culture of the other and so forth. It will be an exchange: mutual love among peoples, among worlds, among cultures; a love which will be lasting.



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