Mollens, Switzerland, 19 September 1980

Chiara Lubich would often say that to live the spirituality of unity was “to learn from the saints, to become their sons and daughters, participating in their charisms”.  Here Chiara reads from a poem by Teresa of Avila, whose writings continue to touch hearts across the centuries with words that convey a sense of the eternal.
A poem by Teresa of Avila (“Vuestra soy, para Vos naci...) has the refrain: “What wilt Thou have done with me?”  In this, the saint expresses her “indifference”, or rather her absolute abandonment to the Divine Will. Here are just some of her verses:

“I am Thine, and born for Thee:
What wilt Thou have done with me?
“Let me live, or let me die;
Give me sickness, give me health;
Give me poverty or wealth;
Let me strive or peaceful lie.
Weakness give or strength supply 
I accept it all of Thee:
What wilt Thou have done with me?

“Fame or shame may I be given;
Chasten me or make me glad;
Comfort me or make me sad;
Send me hell or grant me Heaven,
Sun, with veil for ever riven,
I have yielded all to Thee:
What wilt Thou have done with me?

“Teach me, if Thou wilt, to pray;
If Thou wilt not, make me dry.
Give me love abundantly
Or unfruitful let me stay.
Sov’reign Master, I obey.
Peace I find not save with Thee:
What will Thou have done with me?

“I am Thine, and born for Thee:
What wilt Thou have done with me?”



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