July 24, 1949

At the end of the Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, the following text by Chiara Lubich is very appropriate, taken from the writings known as “Paradise 1949”.

Those who are in the Father by God’s pure mercy, having come through a long course of sinning, are equal before God to the innocent who are there on the strength of loving.
Indeed, in the very moment when, recognizing themselves as sinners, they rejoiced in being like him made sin (loving God more than their own soul and this is pure love), they filled the entire void made by sin.

In this way they reached Paradise through God’s pure mercy (so having had everything for free) but at the same time through pure love for God spoken freely from their heart. In fact, there Above, Mercy and Love are One.
In Paradise we will not see where Christ in us comes from, whether through Mercy or through Love, but we will see that every soul is all Mercy and all Love: it is Jesus. In fact, Mercy is Jesus Forsaken. Love is Jesus. But Jesus Forsaken is Jesus. 
So look at people as God will see them and not as you see them. Because He sees what is true.



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