June 1957 

Among the best-known writings by Chiara Lubich, this reflection is a courageous invitation to put the Word of Life for this month into practice: “A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you.” (Ez 36: 26)

We need to enlarge our heart to the measure of the heart of Jesus. 
How much work that means! 
Yet this is the only thing necessary. When this is done, all is done. It means loving everyone we meet, as God loves them. 
And since we live in time, we must love our neighbors one by one, without holding in our heart any leftover affection for the brother or sister met a moment before. 
It is the same Jesus, after all, whom we love in everyone. 

If anything leftover remains, it means that the preceding brother or sister was loved for our sake or for theirs … not for Jesus. That is the problem. 
Our most important task is to maintain the chastity of God and that is to keep love in our hearts as Jesus loves. 
Hence, to be pure we need not deprive our heart and repress the love in it. 
We need to enlarge our heart to the measure of the heart of Jesus and love everyone. 
And as one sacred host, from among the millions of hosts on the earth, is enough to nourish us with God, so one brother or sister, the one whom God’s will puts next to us, is enough to give us communion with humanity, which is the mystical Jesus. 
To have communion with our brother or sister is the second commandment, the one that comes immediately after the love of God, and is the expression of it.

Essential Writings New City Press (2007) p 81



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