Rocca di Papa, October 25, 1982

Commetary on the Word of Life: «Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.» (LK 3:4)

Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. (Lk 3:4)

During this season of Advent we are invited to live a new Word of Life. The evangelist Luke takes it from the book of Isaiah, the prophet of consolation. For the first Christians it was a reference to John the Baptist, who came before Jesus.
In the time leading up to Christmas, the Church presents us with the figure of the Forerunner, John the Baptist, and invites us to rejoice, because he is like the herald of the King who is about to come.
The time is near when God will fulfil his promises, forgive sins and grant salvation.

Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

While this Word of Life is an expression of joy, it is also an invitation to give a new direction to every aspect of our lives, to make a radical change.
John the Baptist invites us to prepare the way of the Lord. But what is this way?
Jesus, whose coming was proclaimed by John the Baptist, spent time in the desert before beginning his public ministry. That was his way. And there in the desert, while he discovered a deep intimacy with his Father, he also met temptation and so came into solidarity with all human beings. And he came out of it victorious. It is the same path we see Jesus take in his death and resurrection. Since Jesus followed his path to the end, he himself has become the ‘way’ for us who are still on the road.
He is the way we must follow to fulfil to the utmost our vocation as human beings, which is to enter into full communion with God.
Each of us is called to prepare the way of the Lord who wants to enter into our life. We must, therefore, make the paths of our life straight so that he can come in.
We have to prepare the way for him, removing every obstacle one by one: those arising from our limited way of seeing things and from our weak will.
We need the courage to choose between our way and his way for us, between our will and his will, between a programme we want to follow (which may or may not turn out) and the one thought of by his all-powerful love.
And once we have made the decision, we have to work to make our own obstinate and wayward will conform to his.
How? Those who have become fulfilled Christians, the saints, teach us a method which is good, practical, intelligent: do it right now, in the present.
In each moment, remove stone after stone so that it is no longer our will living in us, but his.
In this way we will have lived the Word of Life:

Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

Chiara Lubich



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