A letter from June 1944

Chiara LubichMy little sister in the immense Love of God!

Listen, I beg you, listen to the voice of this little heart!
You have been blinded with me by the luminous blaze of an Ideal that is greater than all and sums up all: the infinite Love of God!

O, my little sister! He is the one, He is my God, your God, who has bound us together with a bond stronger than death, because it will never decay, one like the spirit, immense, infinite, delicate, strong, immortal like the Love of God!

It is Love that makes us sisters!
It is Love that has called us to Love!
It is Love that has spoken in the depths of our hearts and has told us:
“Look around you. Everything in the world passes away. Every day has its evening, and evening is quickly here. Every life has its sunset, and the sunset of your life is quickly here! And yet, don’t despair. Yes, everything does pass, because nothing of what you see and live is destined for eternity! Everything passes and leaves you only with regret and new hope.”

And yet, don’t despair. Your constant Hope goes beyond the limits of life. It tells you: “Yes, what you are looking for does exist, there is in your heart a longing for the infinite and the immortal, a hope that does not die, a faith that breaks through the shows of death and is light for those who believe. You have good reason to hope, to believe!”

You hope, you believe because of Love.

That is your future, your present, your past. Everything is summed up in that word: Love!

You have always loved. Life is a continual search to fulfil desires that are hidden in the depths of our hearts. You have always loved! But you were mistaken in what you loved! You loved that which dies and is empty, and in your heart only emptiness remains. Love that which does not die! Love the One who is Love! Love the One who in the evening of your life will look only at your little heart. You will be alone with him in that moment. Terribly unhappy will be the one whose heart is full of vanities, immensely happy the one whose heart is overflowing with the Infinite Love of God!

My little sister, listen with me to the beat of time that races by, to your heartbeats that never fail to knock at the door of your soul, inviting you constantly and persistently to Love!
Love, love, love! The destiny of every person is Love!

Think of life that is going ahead! Throw in a corner that which is not worthy of you and of your little heart – little, but noble, precious, powerful because it is capable of loving God! Why do you waste it!

Pass through the world singing to Love!
Up, up, cover everything with a heart of Flame.

There is no suffering in the world, no affection in the world, nothing in the world that cannot be drown in the Love of God! Pass through the world and sing to Love.

Yes, there is suffering in the world, but for the one who loves, suffering is nothing, even martyrdom is a song! Even the Cross is a song! God is Love! And in Love every suffering is the tenacious proof, the unmistaken divine seal.

Up, up, come with me, let’s go toward Love, let’s run towards Love.
So let’s not let anything pass by us in life that is painful without accepting it and desiring it to prove to God, who is immense Love, our small but tenacious Love.
Let’s allow our hearts only one need – to love!
Let’s let our minds constantly compare every thought to the Infinite and Immense Love of God.

May God give you Love, a Love of Light and of Fire.

Sister Chiara

June, month of Fire 1944


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