Dearest gen,
Christmas time is coming around again, like a very sweet poem.
In these days, as has been for centuries, greetings are exchanged and the peace which the angels proclaimed back then can be seen again, perhaps for only a few moments, also on the faces of people who never experienced it.
I too want to wish you something that will be really appreciated and, above all, wanted by He who guides our steps and knows what is good for us.
This then is my wish: that our life be a continual Christmas, made sacred in the secrets of our hearts and in the intimate fraternity that should extend in an always greater measure, to the point of  conquering – in God’s time – the ends of the earth: so that “all may be one.”

We are connected in our common Ideal by a very strong bond, we believe the strongest that can exist among Christians.
We want to journey towards God, united among us, formed into a live expression of his last will, in which we found not only our own specific way of becoming holy, but a way to sanctify and re-consecrate the secularized world, won over by hate and the many evils present.
We want to make Christ triumph in our midst, so that one day Christ may be the unique and most genuine expression of our society. 
And not only Christ always more splendid in his Vicar, increasingly loved and understood; not only Christ who lives in many divine ways in his Church, but also Christ mystically present among us. We, who are a small number of persons in the Christian populace, but individually and together looked upon by God, because, with his grace, we are able to do something for his glory. 
In fact, we have a power, if we want, that is not known by many: in pursuit and on the example of Mary, even though she was great because Immaculate, but always our mother and therefore close to us, we can give birth to Christ Jesus at the heart of society.  
He said so, and we believe in Him. The means is our heart, or better, Christian reciprocal love that, if bearer of the conditions asked by Jesus, as a consequence brings the sweet and wonderful reality of our faith:  «There am I in their midst» (Mt 18:20).
And in the end, the prerequisites for this are not many, but not even few.
They involve all that we are and have because God wants our unity to be always alive.
If unity is present, if we love each other, also in the stable, to which at times our society is reduced, Christ will be in our midst: and Christmas will continue and will multiply. 
And there where there is Christmas, there is Mary and Jesus.
We, united, should together repeat the mystery of Mary who gave Jesus to the world: Christ in our midst by a divine miracle.
And You, Jesus, come down among us, remain with us.
Once “your” people did not welcome you. We would like, in as much as we can, to make up for this. We live solely to welcome you, to have you, to not be us, but You; to help you build the new city on earth, the city of God.


From “Gen”, December 1973: editorial


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