Rome, May 1978

Dearest Gen 3,
I can imagine that all of you - especially in Italy and Europe as well all around the world - feel the burden that violence and terrorism place on entire populations.

Young people, not much older than you, believe that they can change society by kidnapping, murdering and carrying out the most varied of crimes. They have obviously not found more positive ideals and so they have let themselves slip into the most dangerous paths.

And it’s not that these things are only seen on newspapers or on the television, they are all around us and they threaten everyone: politicians, factory owners, dads, mums, girls and children.

Many people are frightened and can’t live in peace.

What can we do, Gen? What contribution can our Movement give to today’s society?

I think that the unleashing of violence, that is so heightened today, often has its roots in hatred, set out as a way of life among people.

If this is the case, the remedy against hatred is love. Is there an invasion of hatred, of violence? Let’s win it over with an invasion of love.

An invasion of love that reaches everyone, that everyone can understand, even the poorest and those without education. An invasion of love that spreads throughout the places that are at risk, like a light rain that gently, yet deeply, penetrates the earth wherever it falls.

This is perhaps the idea that the Lord himself gave us: to take some of the love from the Gospel, which is bursting with it, and to distribute it to as many people as possible by using the Word of Life. Let’s nourish young and old, big and small with this divine nectar, sure of its power to transform even the hardest of hearts.

Let’s use all the means possible: leaflets, newspapers, national and local radio and TV stations so as thousands and then tens of thousands of people every month can receive one of Jesus’ words; just one phrase, so that it can be easier understood and lived out.

If we do this, and if others see the Ideal that we propose to them in us, I am sure that God will bless this action and we will contribute to injecting love into people’s hearts.

Are we ready? Are we already at work? Let’s continue therefore, widening the circle of people drawn close to us.

I pray that Our Lady, the Mother of Beautiful Love, may give you courage, strength, perseverance and victory.


(Published in Italian in the book: Ai Gen 3 Chiara 1975-’80, Città Nuova, Roma 1994, pp. 79-80.)


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