March 3, 1967

An excerpt from Chiara’s Diary

3 / 3 /1967

I am discovering that “hope” is a great virtue.
Why are we not fully happy at times? Why do sufferings, tears and sorrows blind us?
It’s because we are lacking the “hope” that, thinking about it...

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Also today I have loved

Easter 1975

Dear Gen 3*,
Easter is drawing closer and it seems that it was just Christmas. I have the impression that time is passing quickly and I feel in the depth of my heart - I confide this to you – that I have resigned to let it pass quickly as long as it is all love. That is, as long as at the eve of each day I can say: “Also today I have loved.”

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March 16, 1968

From Chiara's diary

16 / 3 /1968

Jesus, you, on Easter morning appeared to Mary Magdalene and called her by name. Everything about her you forgot: her sins, her past.
You called her.
Therefore, is this not so for each of us?

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December 2, 1946

From a writing

With thought and with the affections of the heart always go beyond every limit imposed by a merely human life and tend constantly, and because of an acquired habit, to universal brotherhood in one Father: God.

Genfest '93

To the Youth at Genfest 1993

Genfest ‘93
My wish for you is that, in your Genfest, Jesus may see the incarnation of his New Commandment, as a testimony of love among individuals, various communities (cultural, racial, political, religious…) and among nations.

If one loves, one gives

To the Gen4

If one loves, he gives.
If the other loves, she gives.
If we love each other,
everything belongs to everyone.
So live the Gen 4.

One day I perceived a light

From a letter without date

…I am a person who passes through this world. I have seen many beautiful and good things and I have always felt attracted only by those. One day, a day like others, I saw a light. It struck me as more beautiful than the other beautiful things and I pursued it. I realized that it was the Truth...


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