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Message for the First World Interdependence Day in Philadelphia

12th September 2003

Chiara Lubich’s message on that occasion had the tone of a genuine ‘manifesto’.

The name of the city it was held in, Philadelphia, expresses its goal, which is the unity of the human family. The aim of politics is the unity of peoples and Chiara outlines clearly what can make it happen: fraternity, the communion of goods, God’s love for all his children, peace.



Safeguard the family with supernatural love

Vienna, June 30, 1997

An Austrian family spoke to Chiara Lubich during a meeting with the communities of Eastern Europe. They said they felt society should recognise the family for what it truly is. Chiara understood the problems families face today but emphasised that love is the true origin of family life and love is the basis of the relationship between the couple. If natural love weakens, they need to draw on the supernatural love Jesus brought.



Who is Mary for those who live the spirituality of unity?

London, June 13,  1981

What should Mary be for us in the Focolare Movement?

Chiara Lubich answers a question put by the community in the United Kingdom. How can we express our love for Mary? By making a gift to her of our efforts towards holiness so that she can bring them to Jesus. Aiming for little presents that we can be sure of giving, day by day, helped by the tension towards holiness, so as to be ‘another little Mary’.



What makes us 'Citizens'?

Trent, 8 June 2001

Chiara Lubich places Fraternity like a horizon that “makes it possible to think of the common good of all people and, that is, to think of the whole of humanity in political terms.” This is the answer to the problem, that does not admit misunderstandings and shortcuts. We propose this writing as a reflection to the approaching seventh anniversary of the passing on of Chiara Lubich. This year we are celebrating by going in depth on the impact of Chiara’s thought in its political dimension. 

From a talk to the City Council of Trent


How to Be Nothing

Rimini, 23 September 1997




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