Book launch in Rome: “Conversations via telephone linkup”, by Chiara Lubich


In the 1980s, when the Internet did not yet exist and even less so the social media, which appeared twenty years later, an idea was successfully put to the test in Switzerland to simultaneously link up, through a collective conference telephone, various points of the Focolare communities across five continents. This event was straightaway referred to as Collegamento CH (the country code for Switzerland). Chiara Lubich nurtured in her heart a desire for unity, for communion; she strived towards the goal of being one family in the world. Once she discovered the possibility of having a global linkup which would facilitate communion throughout the world, eliminating distances and giving rise to an interactive dialogue, she felt pushed to keep this regular appointment with her family spread across the world, firstly by telephone and, in more recent times, via a video-conference.

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Chiara Lubich in dialogue with the world

Linguistic, philological and literary approaches to her writings

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International conference in commemoration of the centennial of Chiara Lubich’s birth

Piedicastello Galleries, Trent – April 16-18, 2020 

Call for Papers

Thank you Mayor Crestini!

At the Chiara Lubich Centre we learnt with great sorrow the news of the untimely death of Emanuele Crestini, Mayor of Rocca di Papa. In our recent meetings with him, we had just begun to know him and to appreciate his down-to-earth commitment to the township, his dedication and his exquisite humanity. The legacy that he leaves behind is that of being an exemplary citizen who truly knew how to “give his life” to the people entrusted to him.

While we assure our closeness to Dr Veronica Cimino, Deputy Mayor, and to the whole community of Rocca di Papa, we ask Our Lady to welcome Emanuele into the heavenly homeland, confident that from there he will continue to watch over his family and his beloved city.

We extend our deepest sympathy and affection to the members of his family,

Alba Sgariglia, Joao Manoel Motta and all at the Chiara Lubich Centre

See Article in La Repubblica (Italian)

Towards a Summer of Light

The historical background of Chiara Lubich’s mystical experience in 1949

The encounter with Chiara Lubich, through the historical events that spanned the first half of the last century, is an experience which enables the reader to re-live and, above all, to internalize the meaning of the spiritual and human events which were lived by the founder of the Focolare in those years.

The title of the book, "Verso un’estate di luce" (Towards a Summer of Light), published in Italian in May 2019 by Professors Silvio Cataldi and Paolo Siniscalco, indicate the vision and potential outcome of that which was to become the cradle of the Focolare. The authors, thirteen in total, examine the historical context and background of the events and elaborate a detailed analysis derived from meticulous research into archival resources.

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“Chiara and her Spouse”: A musical dedicated to Chiara Lubich’s choice of Jesus Forsaken

Daniele Ricci, with his unique artistic style, has this time produced a musical entitled “Chiara and her Spouse”.

Towards the end of the 1970s, an engineer from Rome started following the spirituality of unity. He sent an audio tape to Chiara Lubich containing some of his songs. Chiara greatly appreciated them and a collaboration began firstly with “Gen Verde” and subsequently with “Gen Rosso”, the two Focolare Movement international bands. Some his more well-known compositions are “Resurrection”, “You, in the centre of my heart”, “Living life”, “Mary Desolate”, “For love”.

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Mayor Andreotti remembers Chiara Lubich

The relationship between the founder of the Focolare and the city in which she lived had always been very close. Chiara Lubich always maintained an open dialogue with the various communities of the Castelli Romani region, and the participation by the mayors of these local municipalities at a meeting held at the International Centre of the Focolare Movement, on 16 April 2019, was a demonstration of this. The meeting was held in preparation for the centenary of Chiara Lubich’s birth, in 2020, and the presence of these authorities was ample proof that the golden thread that connects these communities with the spirituality of unity still exists.

On this occasion, the Mayor of Grottaferrata, Luciano Andreotti, underlined how “Chiara Lubich was the spiritual architect of the cities where she lived and where she carried out her apostolate. Her message of solidarity, hope and faith in prayer has lingered over the years like a comet for the town of Grottaferrata and for all the Castelli Romani citizens. They had the honour of welcoming Chiara in their midst and today they continue to benefit from her works through the Focolare Movement founded by her”.

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