In Vojvodina a book of Chiara Lubich was presented in Cyrillic


The presentation of the book Бити Твоја Реч took place on October 30th, 2012, at Novi Sad, the largest city of Vojvodina, in the Matica Srpska solemn hall, Serbia’s oldest cultural and scientific institution. This book is the translated version in Cyrillic Serbian of Chiara Lubich’s book in Italian Essere tua Parola (Being your Word).

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Solemn cerimony on December 7, 2012

20121207 brasiliaIn Brasilia, 7 December 2012, the Federal Senate dedicated a special session to give tribute to the Focolare Movement and its founder, Chiara Lubich, on the 69th anniversary of the Movement’s beginning.

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In the bookstore: The Music Score Written in Heaven


Giulia “Eli” Folonari
The Music Score Written in Heaven
Fifty years with Chiara Lubich
Conversations with Oreste Paliotti and Michele Zanzucchi
Preface by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
Città Nuova, Rome 2012

A 172 page easy-to-read book in the Italian Città Nuova series Towards unity-Essays is being released, with the title “The Music Score Written in Heaven".

A perfect title for a very special witness, Eli Folonari’s, who was next to Chiara Lubich for over half a century. It’s “the music score” of the Work of Mary, written in heaven and carried out here on earth by more than one person, by those who, with her, contributed to composing it according to God’s “plan”: her first male and female companions, Foco, Fr. Foresi....

In the bookstore: The Exterior Castle

libro_castello-esterioreA book edited by Fabio Ciardi: The Exterior Castle, the ‘novelty’ in Chiara Lubich’s spirituality, a collection of writings by the Carmelite Priest Jesùs Castellano Cervera (1941-2006), Città Nuova, Rome, 2011.

“In the ample introduction, especially through a series of quotations from the unpublished correspondence between Fr. Jesús and Chiara, we can reconstruct the story of a spiritual relationship which sustained and stimulated the journey not only of the scholar of spirituality, but also of the religious and Discalced Carmelite priest, son of Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross.

In the bookstore: God-Love


Chiara Lubich
Edited by Florence Gillet
Città Nuova, Rome 2011

Chiara considers the discovery and the rediscovery of a God who is Love as “the greatest adventure of the modern person.”

This collection opens a window on the inexpressible, that is, on God and how Chiara met him throughout her whole life. Through the texts gathered here, Chiara leads us from the striking discovery that “God loves you immensely,” to the deepest longing of her whole life, union with God.  What is also emphasized is the constant effort that He be “the only one who fascinates her” and to be faithful to his Love and Truth.

In the bookstore: The Word of God

libro_la-parola-di-dioChiara Lubich
The Word of God
Edited by Florence Gillet
Città Nuova, Roma 2011

The collection offers the reader an experience of Chiara Lubich’s life in regards to the Word of God. Right from the early days, she centred her life and that of the developing Focolare community only on the Gospel.



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