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In the northern Italian city of Trent, Prepositura Street is located close to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, where the Council of the counter-Reform took place: there, in 1920, a little girl by the name of Silvia Lubich was born, later to become the beloved Chiara, foundress of the Focolare Movement that has now spread worldwide.

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Trent, Saturday 12 March 2011

Chiara Lubich

A charism, a life for the unity of Christians.

International Ecumenical Day Event.

Live transmission Telepace: Saturday, 12 March 2011

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9:45 - 12:45 and 14:45 - 17:30 (CET)


Roman Observer, 26 March 2010

Chiara LubichThe Roman Observer of March 26 published a large part of the preface written by Fr. François-Marie Léthel, secretary of the Pontifical Academy for Theology, to the book Lettere dei primi tempi. Alle origini di una nuova spiritualità (Rome, Città Nuova Publishing House, 2010, pages 229, euro 12).
The volume, edited by Florence Gillet and Giovanni D'Alessandro, is a collection of seventy letters written by Chiara Lubich between1943 and 1949.

Going to the roots of a new spirituality

Letters from the early days

libro_lettere-primi-tempiTrent 1943-1949. Years of war and of post-conflict, of reconstruction. In the silence of this historic city in northern Italy began the “great adventure” of Chiara Lubich, marked by a singular eruption of the Spirit, as well as a faithful response. It was an adventure that would bring the birth of the Focolare Movement and the spirituality of unity that animates it.

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A journey of prayer with Chiara Lubich


If someone out of impatience neglects the presence of God in their soul  – even if they may seem to have fraternal charity – it is a frivolous, light, superficial and dangerous charity because it is not built on Rock: it is therefore not charity.

Ho trovato l’amore is a book just released in Italian by Città Nuova Publishing House, following the French edition of “Prier 15 jours avec Chiara Lubich.”  The author, Florence Gillet, a theologian, has been part of Chiara Lubich’s personal secretariat since 1998.

A Conference on Chiara Lubich in Trent

Chiara Lubich: from Trento to the world

February 25-26, 2010

Sala della Cooperazione
via Segantini 10, Trento

trento_20100225-26To mark the second anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s death, three Departments of the University of Trent (her birthplace) have decided to promote an international conference that is aimed at exploring her life and her theological, economic, and educational vision from a strictly academic point of view. As a global personality of exceptional charisma, Chiara Lubich’s social and cultural roots in the Trentino region deserve to be explored in their historical entirety.

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