“let the core of your speech
be the things you have learned from life”

Chiara Lubich, One city is not enough in Essential Writings, 2007, p.107

“I look at the world and everything in it.
But it is no longer I; it is Christ in me who looks at the world.”

Chiara Lubich, The resurrection of Rome in Essential Writings, 2007, p. 174

“to share with our neighbour shame,
hunger, troubles, brief joys”

Chiara Lubich, The attraction of modern times in Essential Writings, 2007, p.170

“if the struggle costs,
know that there lies the secret of success”

Chiara Lubich, One city is not enough in Essential Writings, 2007, p.107


Chiara Lubich was born on 22 January 1920 in Trent, northern Italy, into a family of modest economic means. From her mother she inherited the Christian faith and from her socialist father she gained a marked sensitivity towards social issues. She qualified as a junior school teacher and worked in this profession from 1939-43. Her thirst for truth led her to doing further studies at the University of Venice but she could not complete her course because of the Second World War. It was precisely at that difficult time, under the destruction caused by bombardments, that she discovered in the Gospel those spiritual values that can rebuild both individuals and the fabric of a disintegrated society. These values gradually attracted people of all ages, social categories, races, cultures and faiths on all five continents.



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