12 Feb 2021

Chiara Lubich in dialogue with our times

2021-02-14T18:19:51+02:0012 February 2021|

This is the title of the conference to be held on 18-19 February and promoted by the Chiara Lubich Centre and the Central National Library in Rome. Consonances and common points between the spirituality of unity and lines of thought of  great figures of our times.

14 Nov 2016

At UNESCO – “Reinventing peace”

2020-02-26T02:13:01+02:0014 November 2016|

Paris, November 15, 2016 on the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Prize for “Peace Education”given to Chiara Lubich. Chiara Lubich received the UNESCO prize for “Peace Education” in Paris on December 17,1996. She was given this prize because as stated, “In an age when ethnic and religious differences often lead to violent conflicts, this Movement builds bridges between individuals, generations, social classes and peoples”.Twenty years later, almost a year after

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