International Exhibition

Chiara Lubich


Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Piazza di Piedicastello – 38122 Trento TN

The Piedicastello Galleries, Trent ( Italy), 7 Dicember 2019 – 7 December 2020

The exhibition “Chiara Lubich City-World” retraces the story of the significant moments of the life, thought and works of the Focolare founder through documents, writings, photographic displays, videos and multimedia presentations.

Hosting this exhibition is the White Gallery in Piedicastello, in Trent, a disused road tunnel which today forms part of a larger exhibition complex dedicated to the narration of local historical and contemporary stories. It is a site managed by the Trentino Historical Museum Foundation, an institution owned by the autonomous Province of Trent and it is promoting the exhibition in collaboration with the Chiara Lubich Center in Rome, which is dedicated to the proliferation of the thoughts and works of the Focolare founder.

The aim of the exhibition is not solely celebrate the anniversary, but rather to make known to a wider audience the spiritual message of the young teacher from Trent, Chiara Lubich, who discovered, during the destruction of World War II, that the Gospel was the only ideal that does not collapse and that it paves the way to a holiness that is “accessible” to all.

The exhibition will be open throughout 2020 as will its parallel exhibition to be held in Tonadico, in the Valley of Primiero.

In addition, similar linked initiatives will be held in non-European continents, thus reproducing the Trent exhibition.



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