From April 16 to the 19, 2020 an International Conference will be held in Trent, in the conference hall of the “Piedicastello Galleries” on the theme: “Chiara Lubich in dialogue with the world. A linguistic, philological and literary approach to her writings on the occasion of the centenary of her birth”.

The conference is promoted by the Chiara Lubich Center and by the Abba School Study Center, under the patronage of the University of Trent, of the Sophia University Institute and New Humanity. The event aims to offer study paths on the figure of Chiara Lubich as a significant protagonist of the Italian and European twentieth century, through her experience and her writings. It also wants to deepen her specific message centered on universal fraternity, which has reached peoples across five continents, and to deepen her vision of a united world.

The Conference will open with a guided tour of the exhibition “Chiara Lubich city world” at the Piedicastello Galleries for a first visual contact with manuscripts and other archival material concerning her person. At the end of the conference, for those who wish, there is the possibility of visiting the historic places which are linked to the  story Chiara Lubich (Trent, Tonadico and Fiera di Primiero).

Participation is free upon registration by 5 April: Download registration form

Connected to the conference is also the national competition for schools 2019-2020 entitled: ” ‘One city is not enough’. Chiara Lubich citizen of the world.  An initiative aimed at getting to know her charismatic figure, her commitment and her life witness on the CENTENARY OF HER BIRTH for the building of unity and universal brotherhood among peoples “.