May 1981

From Chiara’s Diary on May 30, 1981 

In this precious and previously unpublished page of her diary, Chiara Lubich suggested a simple way of living the Lenten “fast”: by pruning away thoughts, feelings and actions that keep us from living the present moment well, this precious time that God grants us.

Doing God’s will. 
Yesterday, by making a bit more of an effort to do God’s will in the present, I saw how necessary it was to cut decisively with all that is past or future, or that in any case is not God’s will in the present. The idea of renunciation comes round again: not only the implied renunciation that brings with it the fulfilment of the divine will, but the explicit renunciation that is needed to put oneself thoroughly in the new will of God of the present moment.

By living the will of God in the present, being rooted firmly in it through great renunciations of all that was not the will of God (like razing a tree to the ground), I have experienced a special joy, or rather experienced it again. I think it is an experience of the “heavenly joy”, and the “foretaste of paradise”, or the blessedness of which the saints speak. It is a joy found at the boundary between heaven and earth; a joy that makes you say to Jesus: “Enough! It’s too much!”    
And you feel that life is short, because that kind of life cannot last long on this earth. This joy is like, it’s very like the one we will know in Paradise, and perhaps it is the same. It is very pure; it quenches your thirst completely and you understand how, even if your thirst is quenched, you can still thirst.  
I think Jesus wants me to drink this water again today. So, I’ll prune away everything that is not God’s will:  a huge pruning and putting myself firmly in God’s will. Putting myself completely there, as if nothing else existed in the world, as if I were born just for that.