October 2005

Castelgandolfo, October 3, 2005

We’ll begin by reading some excerpts from a long letter to Duccia Calderari. It dates back, in all probability, to Advent 1944. It shows clearly the difference between the suffering of the abandonment and the other sufferings that Jesus experienced during His passion. There is a clear understanding of the special quality of this supreme suffering and that through it Jesus had given humanity the gift of His divinity.
Consequently, in this letter as in other letters from those years, we find the resolute decision to follow Him and to love Him in this greatest suffering of His which immediately appeared to us to be the expression of His greatest love. The letter reveals an awareness of the newness of the light received through the charism and the power of love for Jesus forsaken which burned in our hearts, kindled in us by His boundless love.
After a detailed description of the divine and passionate love that St. Catherine of Siena had for Jesus crucified, the letter continues:

Duccia, believe me, Love is the salvation of the twentieth century because Love is God. All life’s snares, more or less worldly, are a waste of time or they serve as a background for God’s plans….

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