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7 Dec 2019

“Give yourself completely to me” – 7 December 1943

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Today the Centenary Year of the birth of Chiara Lubich is being officially inaugurated. It will be celebrated wherever there are people who have made their own her “Ideal” – as she used to say –, the Ideal of unity and universal brotherhood. “Celebrate to meet” is the motto inspiring the most varied events that will take place in 2020. “Celebrate” because Chiara Lubich will be remembered, but in order

2 Dec 2019

2020: it will be the year of Chiara

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With the motto “Celebrate to meet”, the opening, next December 7th of Chiara Lubich’s centenary was announced to the press. The launching in Trento will inaugurate the international exhibition “Chiara Lubich world city”. “Chiara is alive. She is alive in the spirit that she has given us, in the Movement that she founded and in the innumerable number of her followers, scattered throughout the world”. It is with these words

22 Jun 2019

Thank you Mayor Crestini!

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At the Chiara Lubich Centre we learnt with great sorrow the news of the untimely death of Emanuele Crestini, Mayor of Rocca di Papa. In our recent meetings with him, we had just begun to know him and to appreciate his down-to-earth commitment to the township, his dedication and his exquisite humanity. The legacy that he leaves behind is that of being an exemplary citizen who truly knew how to

21 Jun 2019

Towards a Summer of Light

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The historical background of Chiara Lubich’s mystical experience in 1949 The encounter with Chiara Lubich, through the historical events that spanned the first half of the last century, is an experience which enables the reader to re-live and, above all, to internalize the meaning of the spiritual and human events which were lived by the founder of the Focolare in those years. The title of the book, "Verso un’estate di

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